Research with recruitment, training and development professionals within STEM companies

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22nd August 2016 18:32 - Engineering

Contribute your thoughts and opinions and receive £50 for a 30 minute survey!

We are looking to speak to people within organisations who have responsibility for the recruitment or training and development of people who currently study sciences, computing & IT, engineering and mathematics qualifications or might do in the future. These organisations should specifically target STEM graduates in their recruitment.Research with recruitment or training and development professionals in STEM companies

We have been commissioned by a leading higher education provider who are looking to gain a better understanding of some of the challenges companies are currently facing in terms of recruiting and training graduates from subjects such as sciences, computing & IT, engineering and mathematics (STEM subjects), in order to provide them with a view of the market for some new undergraduate qualifications they are introducing.

The interview will last around 30 minutes, and you will receive an incentive of £50 for your time. 

If you would like to take part, please contact Christine Scally on or 01663 761 691

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