Salaries for professionally registered engineers are higher, finds survey

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26th June 2019 11:52 - Engineering

Salaries for professionally registered engineers are higher: Research into the salaries of engineers and technicians has revealed that professionally registered employees report higher salaries on average than their unregistered counterparts.

This is the second year in a row that the survey conducted by The Engineer has found the salaries of registered engineers higher in every sector.

The Engineer’s 2019 Salary Survey polled 1,568 engineers across 11 sectors and revealed that 43% are professionally registered - an increase from the 2018 survey when it was 39%. 

The greatest difference in salaries between registered and unregistered engineers was £18,000 per annum and was amongst engineers from the Telecoms/Utilities and Electronic sector. At the other end of the scale, the registered status of engineers in the Aerospace sector did not appear to have much impact on salary, with just a £2,000 difference between registered and unregistered employees. 

Other findings…

Whereas last year the engineers earning the highest salaries were based in London and the South East, the 2019 poll has revealed a shift, with the largest average salary (£57,691) recorded among those working overseas. The lowest earning engineers according to the 2019 data are those based in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, with an average salary of £46,141. 

Happy in their jobs...

Looking at how happy respondents are with their salary, those in the Midlands and East Anglia report being the most happy (46.8%), with those in Scotland, Wales and NI being the least happy (38%).

When it comes to how happy respondents are with their job, the happiest respondents were engineers in Academia (66.67%) followed by Food, Drink and Consumer Goods (62.6%), Aerospace (59.8) and Automotive (57.8%). In contrast, the least happy in their roles could be found in Defence and Security/Marine (52.5%); Rail, Civil and Structure (52.7%) and Energy, Renewables and Nuclear (53.4%). 

Respondents in the Telecoms and Utilities sector were most likely to consider a change of job (46.8%), while those in Academia were least likely (30%). 

See the full report: Engineer’s 2019 Salary Survey

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