Survey Shows Lack of Skills in the Engineering Industry

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12th September 2014 11:15 - Engineering

Due to a lack of skills in the engineering industry, MPs across the country are being asked to urge employers in their constituencies to work with schools and colleges to encourage more young people to choose a career in engineering as part of the wider STEM curriculum.

The drive to inspire more people to become engineers comes after the Institution of Engineering and Technology’s (IET) 2014 Engineering and Technology Skills and Demand in Industry survey revealed that more than half (53%) of employers believe they should get more involved with schools, colleges and universities to help change the perception of engineering among young people.

IET’s report also highlighted a consistently high demand for engineers and that, however, more than half of employers are finding it difficult to recruit the staff they need for their businesses to expand.

Furthermore, according to the study’s results, just one in 20 (6%) engineers are female, indicating an evident gender imbalance within the industry.

Three fifths (59%) of engineering companies indicated concerns that a shortage of engineers would be a threat to their business, and more than two fifths (44%) of engineering, IT and technical recruits do not meet their employer’s expected levels of skills.

According to Nigel Fine, IET’s Chief Executive, the engineering industry will need 87,000 new engineers a year for the next decade, highlighting the trade’s need for upcoming talent.

Fine added: “It is encouraging to see from our survey that over half of engineering employers recognise that they have a crucial role to play here - as well as in helping to shape the curriculum so that young people enter the world of work with the skills that employers want.

“MPs are ideally placed to help us capitalise on this opportunity by helping to get more employers involved with the education system at a local level so that we produce a talent pipeline that can sustain a thriving UK economy.”

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