Survey finds that around a third of engineers feel included in their profession

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26th September 2017 17:42 - Engineering

Survey finds that around a third of engineers feel included in their workplace

Survey finds that around a third of engineers feel included in their profession: Conducted by the Royal Academy of Engineering under the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy’s (BEIS) funded Diversity and Inclusion programme, the survey summarises workers’ views of inclusion in the engineering sector.

In a report titled, ‘Creating cultures where all engineers thrive’, the survey reviewed over 7,000 UK engineers, all of whom were questioned about their perceptions of inclusivity and how they felt that their workplace currently promotes this. 

The survey went on to ask engineers to rate how much they felt included in their profession via the following categories: very included, quite included, not very included, not at all included.


Responses from those that felt very included were from:

·       35 per cent of men

·       23 per cent of women

·       34 per cent of white engineers

·       24 per cent of BAME engineers


Additionally, the respondents also said that as a result of feeling included, it would:

·       increase their motivation (80%)

·       increase their overall performance (68%)

·       increase their commitment to the organisation (52%)

·       increase their engagement (50%)

The report explains that the meaning of inclusivity is often overlooked, due to its link with the term ‘diversity’. Because of this, rather than measuring diversity factors in the engineering sector, the survey focussed on how engineers feel, as well as how they perceive and experience the culture in which they work in.  

To help understand what engineers look for as evidence of inclusion, the report listed seven common indicators that best represented the engineers’ perception of inclusion. These included their workplace’s promotion of: openness, respect, diversity, relationships, career, leadership and flexibility.

Commenting on the results of the survey, Vice President of the Royal Academy of Engineering, Allan Cook, said: “We can take many positives from this survey.”

He adds, “UK engineers are highly focused on delivering the best solutions to challenges which exist in their demanding jobs, and this problem-solving expertise can be applied to improving diversity and inclusion.”

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