Survey of engineers finds fewer than half are 'very' or 'completely' likely to stay with their current employer beyond the next five years

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15th October 2019 15:17 - Engineering

Survey of engineers finds fewer than half are very or completely likely to stay with their current employer beyond the next five years:  A survey delving into the working environment of engineers as well as the challenges they face has found that fewer than half are 'very' or 'completely' likely to stay with their current employer beyond the next five years.  

Of those who said they are not likely to continue their employment, four in ten (40%) said the reason for leaving would be retirement, while just less than a quarter said a move to another company (24%) and 16%, a promotion.

Now in its fifth year, the IEEE GlobalSpec survey, titled 2019 Pulse of Engineering Survey polled 2,200 engineers and technical professionals across a range of business sizes. When asked about the challenges they faced in their workplaces, seven out of ten respondents (70%) said that a shortage of qualified engineers was an issue, with a lack of time and a lack of resources also top challenges. 

When it comes to projects, more than three quarters of respondents (78%) said that designs are getting more complex, with 67% agreeing that there are more time-to-market pressures, while 63% said that design cycles are shrinking. 

Asked about the top skills they feel they would need if they were to move to another company, new programming languages and business management skills were cited, as well as education on new and emerging standards such as 5g and software development skills.

The top reasons given overall for why engineers might leave in favour of working for another company were opportunities to advance and an increased compensation package.

However, the research found differences between millennial engineers and older workers, in that millenials are more motivated in the workplace by learning opportunities, growth potential and a good work life balance, rather than compensation. 

When asked about the most valuable tools for an engineer in terms of completing projects, 68% said technical documentation, while 57% said software development tools and 40%, product specification data. 

Looking at performance measurement, 67% cited product quality as the top target goal, followed by customer service or satisfaction (66%) and launch dates (37%).

The survey found that the average number of projects engineers were working on at the time of the survey was four. Almost two thirds (65%) reported a design team of 1-5 people, while 18% had a larger team of 6-9 employees. 

Further information about the 2019 Pulse of Engineering Survey

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