1 in 5 Brits do not recycle takeaway packaging, reveals survey

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3rd February 2021 14:59 - Food

1 in 5 Brits do not attempt to recycle takeaway packaging: A survey of UK adults has found that whilst many enjoy eating a number of takeaways each month, almost a fifth of respondents (19%) admitted to never bothering with recycling the wrappers, boxes and cartons once they've finished their meal.

The research by Pro Carton, the European Association of Carton and Carton board manufacturers, polled 1,500 UK adults to find out more about their recycling habits.

It also found, however, that almost three-quarters of respondents (74%) would like takeaway meals to be served in easy to recycle packaging.

More than half of the respondents polled (58%) said they think fast food sellers should be ordered to wrap their meals in recyclable packaging to help against unnecessary waste ending up at landfill sites.

Six in 10 respondents revealed that they are in support of plastic boxes being banned for use in takeaways, however, many do not want to see prices increase for more sustainable packaging, with 63% saying they would get their takeaway food elsewhere if their favourite brand increased prices due to changing its packaging.

The research also revealed that the average UK adult will throw away 232 take-away boxes, cartons and wrappers every year, with 28% stating that they would not dream off putting pizza boxes or wrappers from fish and chips into the recycling bin.

Takeaway capitals of the UK

The survey also revealed the 'takeaway capitals of the UK' with people from Sheffield being found to order the most - an average of 50 takeaways each year, equivalent to 4.2 a month and 3,150 in an adult lifetime. Liverpool came second (3.7 a month) followed by London (3.4 a month), Leicester (3.1 a month) and Manchester (2.9 a month).

Glasgow (2.8 a month), Leeds (2.7 a month), Birmingham (2.5 a month), Cambridge (2.4 month) and Stoke-On-Trent (2.4 a month) also made the top 10.

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