45% of UK consumers have concerns over food safety at restaurants and takeaways, according to poll

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26th March 2020 18:49 - Food

45% of UK consumers have concerns over food safety at restaurants and takeaways: A survey by the Food Standards Agency has revealed that 45% of UK adults have concerns around food safety when they are eating out or getting takeaways - rising from 41% last year.

The annual poll also revealed that two in five (40%) were worried about food safety standards in supermarkets - rising from 37% last year.

In terms of the foods people think are most likely to give them food poisoning, raw chicken and turkey topped the list, with four out of five consumers saying they had concerns, followed by shellfish (57%) and reheated takeaway dishes (50%).  

Other foods that filled respondents with suspicion included eggs, unwashed salad and veg, cooked meats, and pre-packed sandwiches. 

Reducing food poisoning

Asking respondents how they might reduce the risk of food poisoning, four out of five said by ensuring food is cooked all the way through, while two-thirds said keeping different food types seperate and using separate boards and surfaces. Washing fruit and veg before consuming, following product storage instructions and eating food by the use-by-date was also seen as a way to reduce food poisoning by 60% of participants.

The survey also asked respondents about their awareness of hygiene in places they buy food from such as restaurants and cafes, with half saying they do feel aware, and a third saying they 'sometimes' feel aware. 

Almost two-thirds of those who say they feel aware said they are in the know thanks to stickers and certificates displayed to the public, with six in ten (60%) saying they also took into consideration the general look of the premises. 

Asked about their main concerns around standards at places they eat out at or buy food from, 57% said they were concerned with food waste, followed by the sugar content in food (53%), animal welfare (50%) and the cost of food (44%). 

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