60% of Brits admit to ruining the Christmas dinner, reveals poll

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14th December 2018 11:55 - Food

60% of Brits admit to ruining the Christmas dinner: Planning to cook Christmas dinner this year? It might reassure you (or not...) to know that according to a recent survey, six out of ten adults tasked with the ultimate festive responsibility say they have messed it up.

The survey, commissioned by meal kit company, HelloFresh polled 2,000 UK adults and found that a range of mishaps in the kitchen prevented Christmas dinner success. These ranged from soggy roast potatoes and lumpy gravy to dropping the food on the floor during serving and forgetting to turn the oven on. Topping the list was the ultimate Christmas dinner fail:  drying out the turkey. 

When asked how they rated their culinary skills, a fifth of those polled described them as 'excellent' despite past pitfalls, while half rated themselves as 'good'.

According to the poll, most people tasked with cooking the festive feast will have five people to cater for on average.

The most difficult thing about cooking Christmas dinner according to nearly half the respondents was timing everything to be ready at the same time. Four in ten (40%) festive chefs said that having people watching them as they prepared the spread put them off.

Other issues were difficulties creating a relaxed welcoming atmosphere for guests when feeling stressed in the kitchen (20%), while just over a quarter (26%) said that one of the trickiest things with Christmas dinner was serving their creations to hungry guests at the table. Entertaining guests while cooking Christmas lunch was also a challenge for 13% of respondents.

For 17% of respondents who made mistakes when cooking Christmas dinner, alcohol was involved – with a little too much enjoyed on Christmas morning. 

The list of Christmas Dinner mishaps

  • Soggy roast potatoes
  • Burning yourself 
  • Making lumpy gravy
  • Making gravy that is too thin
  • Forgetting to serve stuffing
  • Overcooking the carrots
  • Dropping food on the floor while serving up
  • Under-cooking the sprouts
  • Forgetting the bread sauce / white sauce / cranberry sauce
  • Accidentally leaving the giblets inside the turkey
  • Burning pigs in blankets
  • Failing to put the pigs in blankets in the oven
  • Realising the turkey won’t fit inside the oven
  • Burning the roast potatoes 
  • Not defrosting the turkey in time
  • Burning the turkey until it is dry
  • Forgetting to serve gravy
  • Not crossing the sprouts
  • Using too much salt on the veggies
  • Forgetting to turn the oven on

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