65% of diners polled in survey are concerned about the environment, up from 47% pre-lockdown, reveals survey

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7th July 2021 17:07 - Food

65% of diners polled in survey are concerned about the environment, up from 47% pre-lockdown: A survey by the Sustainable Restaurant Association has found that more people are concerned about the environment when they dine out, than they were before lockdown.

The poll of 1,031 consumers, all of whom had eaten out since the start of 2020, set out to uncover how opinions towards the environment have changed eating habits.

The research revealed that 65% of consumers have concerns over the environment, leading to many saying they would consider, or be likely to change their eating habits.

These new found concerns for the environment have led to almost three-quarters (73%) saying they would consider, be likely, or be very likely to order a dish in which the ingredients would likely be thrown away. Furthermore, three quarters of those surveyed said they would be more likely to order a meal in a restaurant where some of the meat is replaced by vegetables.

In addition, the survey uncovered that slightly less than 80% of respondents stated they would consider, be likely or be very likely to order a meal made with local and seasonal twists on a traditional recipe. Also, 63% said they would be likely to try a restaurant’s most sustainable dish instead of their usual favourite.

When asked about how their eating out habits would change after lockdown, just over three-quarters (76%) said they would return to their previous, pre-lockdown habits of eating out up to four times a month.

Raymond Blanc, president of the Sustainable Restaurant Association, said:‘It is very encouraging to see so many people are wanting and willing to choose a sustainable dish. Now, more than ever, it is imperative that they act on their good intentions. As chefs, we not only have to source and serve food that tastes amazing and has a minimal impact on the environment, but also show people what sustainable food looks like.’

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