77% of UK adults believe the Government should ensure imported food meets UK environmental and welfare standards

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1st June 2021 17:46 - Food

77% of UK adults believe the Government should ensure imported food meets UK environmental and welfare standards: A survey has revealed that the majority of UK adults polled in a nationwide survey agree that the Government should ensure than any food produce imported from overseas meets the same animal welfare standards and environmental standards as food produced in the UK, with just 6% saying they disagree.

The survey polled 2,093 UK adults in April 2021. It found that more than half the respondents polled (55%) said they believe food is also produced to a low carbon footprint, with just 14% saying they do not feel this is important.

In a series of questions about Brexit, half the participants said they are more likely to buy British food as a result of leaving the EU (49%), however, one in five said this was not true (20%). When asked how likely they were to buy British produce since Brexit, 63% of Leave voters said this were 'more likely', compared to 43% of Remainers.

Two-fifths also said they were happy to pay more for produce that has a lower carbon footprint (42%), with younger respondents more likely to buy these products. Nearly half of 18–34-year-olds said they would be more likely to buy products which have a lower carbon footprint (48%), compared to 40% of those aged 55+.

Asked about their habits when shopping, 38% of respondents said thaT they buy the cheapest produce at the supermarkets, while just over a third don't opt for the least expensive option (35%). The survey also found that a third of shoppers only buy food which has the Red Tractor logo on the packaging (35%), when making their shopping choices.

Respondents were also asked about how they feel about gene editing, with 43% saying they don't know enough about it to feel confident about buying produce created this way.

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