Anchovies are the Most Hated Food in the UK, Study Shows

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28th August 2014 16:58 - Food

A survey of Britain's most hated foods conducted earlier this month by Birds Eye has revealed that anchovies, chicken liver and olives are the most disliked foods in the UK.

Anchovies earned themselves the most hated food status with more than two fifths (44%) of the survey’s 1,000+ sample stating they did not like them. Chicken liver (41%) and olives (39%) took up second and third place.

Elsewhere, just under two fifths (39%) said they did not like black pudding, with the same proportion of respondents stating they did not enjoy blue cheese.

Other popular items that made it into the survey’s top 10 most disliked items of food include: goats cheese (27%); avocado (24%); Brussels sprouts (24%); salami (20%) and mushrooms (15%).

The Scottish and Welsh were found to be more daring than the Englanish when it came to experimenting with their food palette, with people in the North West of England least likely to try new foods.

In addition, the survey discovered that women (78%) were more likely to consume food they did not like the taste of to be polite than men (57%).

Furthermore, one in five Britons are said to have slyly passed food they did not enjoy to a dog, with around one in 10 women conceding they had slipped unwanted food into their handbag.

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