Average annual cost of lunch is £667, research finds

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26th March 2015 12:24 - Food

New research from the NPD Group has shown that the average annual amount of money spent on lunch by one individual is £667, with those Average annual cost of lunch is £667, research findsworking in London spending around £830.

Experts have said that the findings may indicate one’s financial situation and give an insight into the changing tastes of consumers.

In 2013, people in the United Kingdom spent £44.9 billion in 260,000 food outlets, food industry analysts, Horizons said.

In the five years following 2009’s recession, the amount of visits to London’s fast food outlets, bakeries and coffee shops - amongst other quick-service restaurants - increased by 17.1 per cent.

The rest of Britain only saw a 4.4 per cent increase during the same period.

The research said: "Lunch purchased through the fast food channel in London has increased far faster than in the rest of Britain."

Research from the The NPD Group found that on average, consumers spend approximately £3.53 on lunch in London, with the rest of Britain spending £2.84.

The findings also indicated that lives are becoming more hectic, with 52 per cent of those working in London eating their lunch at their desks. More than a third (38 per cent) of the rest of Britain did the same.

The research found that the top five quick-service lunches in London (during the year ending August 2014), were:

1.   Chicken sandwich – bought during 10.9 per cent of visits to quick service restaurants

2.   Bacon / BLT sandwich – bought during 7.7 per cent of visits

3.   Beefburger – bought during 7 per cent of visits

4.   Cheese / veg sandwich – bought during 6.6 per cent visits

5.   Chips – bought during 6.1 per cent of visits

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