Brits and Scandinavians most adventurous with food, survey finds

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31st May 2016 11:55 - Food

Recent food market research from the travel company, Expedia, has revealed that individuals in Spain and Italy are amongst the most adventurous people in Europe for tasting unusual foods, whereas the United Kingdom and majority of Scandinavia trail behind.Brits and Scandinavians most adventurous with food, survey finds

The market researchers surveyed 14 of the major Western markets and discovered that 90 per cent of people in Spain, Italy, France and Switzerland were open to trying new cuisines when traveling to other countries, in comparison to 60 per cent of those in Finland and the same figure for the United Kingdom.

Within Scandinavia the most experimental country was Norway, with 81 per cent of respondents saying that they would try something for the first time when travelling overseas. However, alongside Belgium and Ireland, the countries in Scandinavia generally did not rank so well for braveness when it comes to trying new foods.

The market research findings were commissioned as part of Expedia’s ‘Europe on a Plate’ campaign. The campaign aims to assist people in broadening their palate and uncover hidden gems of European cuisine and culture from the perspective of local people.

According to the findings, one in three British people were influenced by cuisines when deciding where they would like to travel to on a holiday.

The survey also revealed that travellers from within the United Kingdom were the most likely to experiment with Italian and Spanish food, rather than less well-known cuisines, for example Vietnamese and Japanese.

The British respondents were also the most likely to be mainly satisfied with the quality of restaurants’ service in the United Kingdom, despite its bad reputation. The British respondents rated service in the United Kindom as the second best in Europe, only beaten by Italy.

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