Champagne is good for the brain, research finds

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16th November 2015 11:18 - Food

A new study into champagne’s relationship with brain health has revealed that consuming three glasses of champagne per week could help Champagne is good for the brain, research findsprevent the onset of Alzheimers.

The research findings were released by the University of Reading and indicate that the grapes used to produce champagne are good for improving special memory, which is key for performing complex tasks and navigating. The research also revealed that champagne could help prevent brain diseases.

During the research, Scientists from the University of Reading gave rats champagne every day for six consecutive weeks. Each day, the rats were made to find a treat in a maze. This was repeated every five minutes to explore whether the rodent remembered where the treat was placed.

Before consuming champagne, the rats had a 50 per cent success rate; however, after consuming the drink, the success rate rose to 70 per cent.

After trialling their hypothesis on rats, the scientists hope to test the effect champagne has on humans. The researchers intend to make the participants consume champagne containing the pinot noir and pinot meunier black grapes, which are regarded as ‘super grapes’. Said grapes are supposed to have positive effects on the brain.

Professor Jeremy Spencer, who led the research, spoke to the Mail on Sunday and said the findings of the study were ‘dramatic’.

“After rats consumed champagne regularly, there was a 200 per cent increase of proteins important for determining effective memory.

“This occurred in rats after just six weeks. We think it would take about three years in humans.”

Spencer added: “This research is exciting because it illustrates for the first time that moderate consumption of champagne has the potential to influence cognitive functioning such as memory.”

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