Chocolate is top food Brits miss when following a healthy diet, survey finds

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1st February 2019 01:30 - Food

Chocolate is top food Brits miss when following a healthy diet: While many people start the new year with plans to improve their health and take more exercise, a survey has revealed the foods gym-goers miss the most.
According to the survey, chocolate is the number one food people miss when embarking on a healthy eating and fitness programme, followed by ice-cream and pizza.
Such is the lure of forbidden food that 40% of the 1,000 polled said the main reason they do exercise is so they can eat what they want without the worry of piling on the pounds. 
The survey, commissioned by frozen food retailer, Iceland, also found that cake, bread, and Chinese takeaways are among the foods most likely to tempt us as well as alcohol, fizzy drinks, biscuits and sweets.
To lessen the impact of overindulgence, respondents believe that they have to exercise at least six times a month to avoid any undesired effects.
According to the poll, Tuesday is the day when respondents feel in control of their healthy eating and are more likely to make sensible food choices. Saturday, on the other hand, is the day most respondents fall back into bad habits. 
So how to respondents recover from giving into temptation?  Four in ten (41%) said they try to get back in the zone by going for a long walk; a quarter said they go for a run or a jog and a fifth said they go swimming to work off the unwanted calories. 

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