Emotional training needs to be considered when encouraging people to make healthier choices of food

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18th November 2014 16:33 - Food

Research, which was published in the Journal of Marketing Research, suggests that emotional training needs to be implemented when encouraging people to eat healthier. Emotional training should have a greater focus than nutritional training.

Four studies were carried out by Ohio State University, Florida International University and the University of Kentucky. The studies endeavoured to prove that food choices could be improved by training emotions attached to buying and consuming food.

The results from the first three tests demonstrated that emotional ability to make better nutritional choices was in fact trainable, that emotional training helped participants make better food choices than they would after a nutritional training programme and that emotional training helped to reverse the opinion that unhealthy foods are automatically more enjoyable.

The fourth test found that more weight was shifted over a three month time frame by the emotionally trained individuals than the nutritionally trained group. The emotionally trained group also consumed fewer calories than the nutritionally trained group and made healthier choices.

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