Expect 9,828 bad cuppas in your lifetime

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3rd May 2018 14:59 - Food

Expect 9,828 bad cuppas in your lifetime: The latest research by tea company, Clipper, has revealed making a good cup of tea is actually not that easy. In fact, in our lifetime we will be subject to 9,828 poor ones. 
The survey polled 2,000 Britons about their drinking habits and had some interesting findings, including that we drink on average 28 cups of tea a week, but  only enjoy 25 of them. 
Half of respondents revealed that they have complained to a partner, colleague or friend when their tea-making efforts were below par and three quarters of tea-drinkers believe the way a person makes your cuppa shows just how much they really know you. 
Three in ten (30%) people felt so disappointed by a bad cup of tea they genuinely felt insulted by it, while 10% would rather someone forgot their birthday than deliver them a bad cup of tea. 
Who is the most likely to make us a bad cuppa? 
The research found that work colleagues were the worst culprits when it came to making us a sub-standard brew, but 40% would never reveal their disappointment to their boss. And of all those polled, just 20% would let their partner know if they made them a bad cup of tea. 
Grumbles around tea-making 
Of all the tea-making grumbles revealed, 36% said their tea was too weak, while another cause for moan was that it was lukewarm when they received it (35%). Serving a cup of tea in a mug that had not been washed properly upset a quarter of respondents, while 20% said the cup was not full enough. 
Top twenty tea complaints:
1. Too weak - 36%
2. Lukewarm - 35%
3. Too milky - 30%
4. The teabag has not been in for long enough - 26%
5. The mug has not been washed properly - 25%
6. It has the incorrect amount of milk - 21%
7. The cup is half empty - 20%
8. It is poor quality tea - 19%
9. The cup is half full - 18%
10. Too strong - 18%
11. The teabag was left in too long - 18%
12. The milk was put in before the tea - 18%
13. Someone rushed the process - 16%
14. Not enough sugar or sweetener was in it - 15%
15. There are tea stains down the cup - 14%
16. Not milky enough - 14%
17. The mug is chipped - 13%
18. The wrong type of milk - 11%
19. They gave you sugar/sweetener when you don’t take it - 11%
20. It is not the right brand of tea - 9%

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