Fear caused by food allergies stopping young people from eating out, survey reveals

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17th September 2018 11:33 - Food

Food allergies stopping young people eating out Fear caused by food allergies stopping young people from eating out: Young people suffering from food allergies avoid eating out because of ‘fear’ a survey has found.
The research, a collaboration between the Food Standards Agency(FSA) and allergy UK and its Anaphylaxis Campaign found 64 per cent of people aged 16-24 had avoided eating out in the past six months. For those with food intolerances, the figures were slightly lower but still a significant 53 percent.
For those that do eat out, 59 percent said that they usually frequent the same restaurants or if they did try a new place they would research the menu beforehand (55 percent). In addition, nine percent of respondents made contact with a venue ahead of their visit to discuss menu options. 
The research, which polled 2,599 young people, of which half (49 per cent) had a food allergy, 33 per cent an intolerance and 18% both, found 67% knew the legal requirement for restaurants and cafes to provide information on the top 14 allergens. However, despite this, only 14% felt ‘extremely confident’ asking for information. The same amount felt ‘not confident at all’. Fifty-three per cent agreed they felt ‘extremely’ or ‘very’ confident that food providers give them the correct allergen information. 
When it comes to ordering takeaways or food for delivery online, 88% said they had no support, while 51 percent said they always check allergen info before they order and 39% always plump for the same menu choice because they know it is safe for them to eat. 
Read the report in full: www.food.gov.uk

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