Figures shows the number of UK gin distilleries have doubled

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26th April 2016 11:36 - Food

According to official figures from HM Revenue and Customs, the number of gin distilleries in Britain has doubled since 2010. Last year, 49 distilleries opened alone, following a massive increase in demand.Figures shows the number of UK gin distilleries have doubled

By the end of 2015, there were 233 licensed gin producers in the United Kingdom, up from 116 producers in 2010. The rise has been attributed to “boutique distilleries” which are making small batches of gin.

The Wine and Spirit Trade Association has estimated that the sales of gin in Britain would climb to £1billion this year, following sales increasing to in excess of £900 million in 2015.

Reports claim that exports of gin produced in the United Kingdom has increased by more than a third in five years.

Recently a charity has renewed calls for minimum unit pricing for alcohol, after a small research project revealed that the recommended 14 united per week can be purchased for just over £2.

Researchers from the charity Alcohol Concern spoke to off-licenses and supermarkets in six different towns and cities and discovered that alcohol is being sold for as little as 15.5p per unit. There were also further examples of units being sold for under 50p.

The weekly 14 units - which the NHS drinking guidelines states as the maximum amount of alcohol males and females should consume in a single week – were found to cost just £2.17.

Alcohol Concern said that the small study in January discovered that there is a total of 113 different alcoholic beverages on sale for less than 50p per unit, including beers, wines, ciders and spirits.

The survey findings revealed just how available cheap alcohol is on the high streets and also reinstated its calls for a minimum price per unit on alcohol.

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