Food safety taken for granted by more than three quarters of Brits, according to poll

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23rd October 2019 11:12 - Food

Food safety taken for granted by more than three-quarters of Brits: A poll looking at consumer views around food production and safety in the UK has found that 76% take for granted that food will be produced meeting high safety and food standards. 

The research by the Red Tractor Food Assurance Scheme, polled 2,000 UK adults found that  in London, that figure was even higher, with 79% admitting they take food safety for granted. 

The survey also revealed a significant difference between the trust placed in supermarkets and that put in restaurants when it comes to food safety. While 71% of respondents said that they trust that food from a supermarket has been produced to a high standard and they are clear about where it has come from, just half said the same about the food they consume from restaurants or cafes. 

Looking back to food scares

Looking back to food scares of the past to see how people feel today, the survey revealed that 72% are ‘fairly’ or ‘very’ concerned about BSE (often refered to as ‘Mad Cow Disease’) first found in British cattle in the mid-1980s. Amongst older respondents, the figures were even higher, at 83%, and in the North East (where there is a ‘prominent farming community’), the figure was higher still. at 85%. 

The research also shone light upon the influence the media can have on the general public when it comes to perceptions around food safety.  Four in ten (41%) said they think about food safety and any coverage every time they go shopping, however that increases to 52% when they see a prominent news story on the topic. 

Asking people about their considerations when buying food produced in the UK, one in four said they buy British because of the quality of the food, while 30% like to support British farmers. For 16% buying local produce is a top consideration and 14% value the way British food is produced.

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