Italian cuisine is world’s most popular food, whilst British food is ranked 16th according to recent survey…

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1st May 2019 17:28 - Food

Italian cuisine is world’s most popular food, whilst British food is ranked 16th: A survey by YouGov polling 25,000 people from 24 countries around the globe has revealed Italian food is the most popular choice. 

The biggest fans of  Italian cuisine are the Italians themsleves, with 99% of those questioned admitting they really enjoy their national dishes. Fellow fans of pizza, pasta and gnocci were the Spanish with 94% of  those who had tried it, saying they liked it.

Out of the 34 national cuisines involved in the survey, Chinese food was the second-favourite, followed by Japanese food in third place, with the biggest fans being found in Singapore and Hong Kong. 

Japanese respondents were shown to be the harshest critics of all those polled, with just 11% of those who have tried Saudi Arabian cuisine actually liking it.

British food was ranked 16th overall, while at the bottom of the table was Peruvian cuisine, which received an average score of just 32%.

According to the poll, British food was not liked very much by fellow Europeans (45%), and instead proved more popualar among Singaporeans (76%) and Australians (71%). The folk of the UK gave their own cuisine a rating of 91%, placing it at the top of the chart alongside Italian food - also scoring 91%. 

Looking at the responses of respondents from Germany, Spain, Denmark and France who have tried British meals only 25-28% enjoyed them.

Favourite Cuisine of UK respondents:

1. British Food (91%)

2. Italian Food (91%)

3. Chinese Food (86%)

4. Indian (84%)

5. Spanish (80%)

6. Mexican (76%)

7. Thai (75%)

8. Greek (74%)

9. American cuisine (70%)

10. French (68%). 

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