Just 25% of Brits trust food from the US, reveals poll

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13th October 2021 12:11 - Food

Just 25% of Brits trust food from the US: A survey looking at levels of trust in domestic and imported foods has revealed that only a quarter of people in the UK trust US food products.

The survey was conducted by YouGov and polled more than 3,500 UK adults in July and August 2021.

While just 25% of people trust food from the US, survey respondents had the same levels of trust about food from Kenya and Brazil, whilst even fewer reported trusting food from China (11%).

When asked about particular foods from the US, trust in chicken was revealed to be low, which the report suggests could be due to concerns over chlorinated chicken.

When asked about the levels of trust for British food, The Trust in Food Index revealed that the majority of respondents (84%) do trust food from the UK, believing it to be safe, traceable and good quality.

The type of food most trusted by respondents was fruit and vegetables, followed by bread and milk. Meat and fish were less trusted, according to the poll.

Amongst the people who said they trust UK food produce 'little' or 'not at all', one of the main reasons was that the food available to them is unhealthy, over processed or low quality. The survey also revealed that one in five people who are skeptical about UK food fear that food standards will fall as a result of Brexit.

When participants were asked which countries they most trust the food from, Ireland and New Zealand came top, followed by Sweden,Germany Italy, Denmark and the Netherlands.

High standards and regulations were revealed to be the top reasons why respondents trust food from the UK.

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