Market Research Discovers Britons Flocking Online for Grocery Deals

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6th November 2012 16:21 - Food


The latest Internet consumer survey covering 28,000 people in 56 countries has revealed that three-quarters (74%) of Britons now go online to do their household grocery shopping.

Furthermore, nearly half (47%) of UK consumers use the Internet for grocery research, such as checking a price or reading a consumer review. Among these respondents, one in five (21%) does this daily.

Over a quarter (27%) of Britons also said they intend to buy food and drink products online in the coming months – this makes groceries the third most popular category in the UK, after travel bookings (30%) and reading materials such books, newspapers or magazines (28%).

Globally, the market research showed that a primary reason consumers shop online for groceries is to save money, while UK consumers are more likely to use the Internet for discount deals for these types of items than Europeans as a whole.

Almost half (48%) of the surveyants in all countries were found to actively look for deals, with 30% visiting coupon websites and 25% savvily comparing prices. Of those looking for grocery coupons, more than a quarter (26%) do so every day using smartphone apps and other mobile devices.

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