Market Research Finds Britons Pay More than EU Average for Food and Alcohol

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24th June 2013 17:03 - Food

A quantitative survey from the Office of National Statistics, which measured the biggest household costs such as food and alcohol compared to 27 European countries, has sparked outrage by revealing that Britons are charged substantially higher prices than their counterparts.

UK residents are paying as much as 94% more for tobacco products and 43% more for alcohol than most of Europe. On average, Brits pay a 4% higher rate for food and drinks than the group average of all the European countries surveyed.

Britain’s exorbitant alcohol prices have been blamed on beer duties (which were recently scrapped) as well as the red tape involved for venues that serve alcoholic beverages. In contrast, Germans pay 18% less and the French 12% less than Britons for alcoholic drinks.

Nevertheless, despite relatively high food and alcohol prices, the UK was found to be a less expensive place to live than many European countries. For example, the cost of meat in Britain is the same as the European average, while the price of breads and cereals are 11% lower than average.

The survey further found that the priciest place to live in Europe is Norway - their food prices are over 80% higher than the average and their alcoholic products are 170% more expensive than the EU average.

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