Market Research Finds Britons Wary About Grocers after Horsemeat Scandal

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11th February 2013 17:45 - Food

A survey on behalf of Retail Week has shown that nearly half of the UK consumers who took part in the study reported being likely to avoid buying meat from grocers involved in the horsemeat burger controversy.

In total, 45% of the respondents reported balking at buying meat from the likes of Aldi, Asda, Iceland, Lidl, Tesco and The Co-operative, despite the vast majority of these retail giants blaming suppliers and manufacturers for contamination of the food chain.

Respondents with young families were the most likely to shun retailers who have been mentioned in the scandal, as they are the most conscientious about what they feed their children.

Furthermore, 66% of shoppers now feel less confident about what goes into food as a result of the horsemeat debacle, although consumers are still tending to retain confidence in the general quality of supermarket meat since 46% of the surveyants rated it as being fairly or very high quality.

Although 73% overall believe responsibility for the horsemeat controversy lies with suppliers and manufacturers, the market research uncovered a demographical divide. Older consumers generally blamed suppliers and manufacturers, while younger consumers thought responsibility lay with food regulatory bodies and the grocers themselves. 

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