Market Research Finds Fast-Food Franchises Weather the Recession Well

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8th February 2012 16:27 - Food

A survey by has confirmed that fast-food restaurants serving low-cost meals are one of the better performing industries since the recession took hold in 2008.

The study showed that the average age of the person attracted to buying a fast-food franchise is 39, with 87% being male.

The aspiring franchisees who took part in the survey said that their main competition when it comes to earning a good living is from large food chains.

Their second biggest threat is the rising cost of ingredients, followed by Health & Safety regulation compliance and keeping up with consumer trends such as low-carb diets.

In total, 48% of those wanting to purchase a fast food franchise have no previous experience of running a food-related business, while 39% have worked at (not run) a food business.

A majority of 64% claimed that being their own boss was their main motivation for wanting to buy a fast-food franchise, followed by 35% interested in a franchise to build a famous brand, 32% because they think they will enjoy the lifestyle and 31% whose driving motivation is that they believe there is guaranteed money to be made in fast food.

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