Market Research Shows Theatres More Recession Proof Than Restaurants & Pubs

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17th January 2011 12:32 - Food

A new market research report has been published which demonstrates that British theatre continues to rise resiliently above the recession, in sharp contrast to the losses suffered by restaurants, clubs and pubs.

Those surveyed were grouped according to their leisure activities - 43% of those who frequent pubs said they had already cut spending, compared with only 21% of theatre goers. Furthermore, 5% of theatre audiences said they intended to increase their attendance, while just 1% of those who go to pubs said the same.

The report by market analysis company Mintel covers the period from late 2008 to late 2010. It also showed that restaurants and clubs were feeling the pinch, with 38% of people who eat out and 35% of clubbers saying they had cut down.

The report found that “The performing arts benefit from the same prevailing trends as cinema, in that they are perceived as a way of escaping from the tyranny of value, cutting back and saving. As long as they continue to offer good perceived value for money, there is no reason why they cannot continue to trade successfully throughout difficult economic times while other sectors struggle.”

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