Market Research Uncovers Shocking Ignorance about Food amongst Young Britons

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3rd June 2013 17:04 - Food

A new survey by the British Nutrition Foundation, which questioned over 27,500 children across the nation, has demonstrated an alarming lack of food knowledge and prevalence of unhealthy eating amongst the UK’s young generation.

Almost one in five of the children who took part in the study believe that pasta is produced from animals and that that fish fingers come from chicken. A further one in three primary schoolchildren think cheese comes from plants and one in 10 think that tomatoes grow underground.

The study also found that despite the vast majority of children being aware that people should consume five or more portions of fruit and vegetables daily, two-thirds of primary school children and three-quarters of the older pupils eat four or less portions of fruit and vegetables each day, while two in every five children at secondary school did not know that frozen fruit and vegetables count towards their five a day.

In addition, a quarter of children said they do not eat breakfast every day, while 16% of those who are primary school age claim they never eat fish, rising to one in five children at secondary school.

It was also discovered that approximately one in 10 children never cook at home, but three-quarters of the respondents claimed they would like to cook more.

Education Programme Manager at the British Nutrition Foundation, Roy Ballam, commented: “Through this survey one in five (21%) primary school children and 18% of secondary school pupils told us that they have never visited a farm. This may go part way to explaining why over a third (34%) of five to eight-year-olds and 17% of eight to 11-year-olds believe that pasta comes from animals.”

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