McDonalds Ranks Lowest Once More in Fast Food Satisfaction Survey

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22nd June 2012 11:21 - Food

The latest American Consumer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) has seen McDonald’s, which has 33,000 branches worldwide, get the lowest score among full-service or fast-food chains in a public survey.

Nevertheless, while the fast food giant has historically performed poorly on the satisfaction index (consistently ranking last since1995), it received a 73% satisfaction rating in the latest poll, which is a rise from 72% last year and their best score yet.

Overall, fast food satisfaction grew by 1.3% in 2011, while full-service restaurants slipped 2.4% - this brings fast food and full service to a tie at 80% satisfaction respectively.

The ACSI has attributed this upward turn to more affordable options offered by eateries and improved consumer perception of quality at fast-food chains.

According to this latest market research, the average household ate out three times per week during 2011, which is expected to remain unchanged this year. In addition, trips to fast food restaurants increase slightly from five per month in 2010 to six last year. 

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