Media Professionals Consume Most Caffeine, Market Research Finds

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22nd September 2014 10:32 - Food

A recent survey has found that journalists and media staff sit in the profession that consumes the highest amount of caffeine.

The study suggests that those in more stressful jobs consume more caffeine to get them through the day, with the highest consumers drinking more than four cups during a single day.

According to Pressat’s survey, the top 10 professions for coffee drinking are:

1.    Journalists and media staff
2.    Police officers
3.    Teachers
4.    Plumbers and trade workers
5.    Nurses and medical staff
6.    Company executives
7.    Telesales
8.    IT technical support
9.    Retail staff
10.  Drivers

Of the 10,000 professionals surveyed, around five sixths (85%) admitted they drink at least three cups of coffee per working day, with seven in 10 (70%) stating their working ability would be inhibited without their daily dose of caffeine.

Furthermore, according to the survey’s findings, six in 10 (62%) of its respondents were not aware of the health risks, such as strokes, anxiety and heart problems, drinking copious amounts of coffee can cause.

In addition, it was found that men drink marginally more coffee than women.

Peter Rogers, Professor of Biological Psychology and Bristol University and an industry expert on caffeine, told the Daily Mail: “People who consume caffeine regularly will become dependent on it - if you take caffeine away from them, they will function below par.

“They just don't function normally without the drug on board. If it's your first tea or coffee of the day, it gets you back to normal, but beyond that you don't get much more of a kick.”

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