Millennials in support of GM crops, a survey reveals

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9th May 2018 16:58 - Food

millennials in support of GM cropsMillennials in support of GM crops, a survey reveals: A recent study has found that young people are ‘embracing technology’ when it comes to the future of farming in the UK.
This includes genetic modification (GM) of crops and GM technologies - with just 22 per cent of millennials having concerns about their use. 
The survey, commissioned by the Agricultural Biotechnology Council (ABC), revealed that around two thirds of 18-30 year-olds polled recognise the benefits of technology in helping the sustainability of British farming in the coming years, and support futuristic farming methods. 
The poll of 1,600 millennials also revealed that around two thirds back the use of drones to carry out farming tasks such as counting sheep and spraying crops. Around two thirds of respondents were also in support of unmanned aerial vehicles, with only 26 per cent opposing self-driving tractors on farms. 
Supportive of modern farming techniques: 
The survey showed that the younger age group (18-30 year olds) are the most supportive of modern farming techniques. 
Going forward, the ABC wants to see technologies made available for use in the UK that have previously not been permitted by the EU. 
Mark Buckingham, chair of the Agricultural Biotechnology Council said: “We are delighted to see young people embrace technology as part of the future of farming.
“Using cutting edge technology and growing techniques will enable the UK to deal with the serious challenges of keeping our farmers competitive, maintaining a safe, affordable food supply, and protecting our natural environment."

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