More than a third of consumers say that sustainable packaging affects product choice, reveals survey

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15th October 2020 15:41 - Food

More than a third of consumers say that sustainable packaging affects product choice: A survey of consumers asking them how their shopping behaviours have changed since the coronavirus pandemic began, has found that sustainable packaging is influencential when it comes to consumer buying choices.

When asked about how much attention they pay to sustainable packaging, more than a third (35%) said it can affect their brand choice, with 45% revealing it affects their product choice. For almost a quarter of respondents (23%), sustainable packaging can inluenece their choice of retailer, while 29% said it makes no difference at all to their shopping choices. 

The Harris Interactive Survey of 1,000 shoppers also found that 36% believe that sustainable packaging has become more important to them since the start of the coronavirus crisis, with just 11% saying it is less important.

The survey also asked respondents how they feel about buying loose groceries, with 29% saying they feel 'less comfortable' doing so than before the pandemic. Six in 10 (60%) said they feel the same, while 11% said they were 'more comfortable'. 

'Safest' options when it comes to packaging

Asked what they consider the 'safest' option when it comes to packaging, 'paper packaging' came top (28%), followed by 'no packaging' and then 'plastic packaging' (11%). 

When asked about the factors that have affected their views on sustainable packaging since the pandemic began, 46% of participants said 'safety', while 45% said 'a change in values'. Other answers included 'time' (23%) and 'budgeting' (28%), with 8% citing 'other''. 

According to respondents, 64% think supermarkets should offer paper bags for deliveries, while 42% are in favour of bagless deliveries and 39% in support of plastic bag returns.

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