NHS survey reveals men drink double the amount of alcohol as women

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7th January 2016 11:41 - Food

A recent NHS survey has revealed that men drink twice as much alcohol as women, with the average male alcohol consumption being 16.8 units per NHS survey reveals men drink double the amount of alcohol as womenweek as opposed to women at 8.8 units.

Whilst carrying out the study it was also found that individuals in households earning £44,000 or more are much more inclined to consume over the recommended amount of units per week than those in the lowest fifth of households incomes at £12,000 or less. The figures show that around 23% of women and 27% of men from higher earning homes are drinking more units than advised, unlike the 12% of females and 5% of males in the lower earning homes; at the moment the current unit advice stands at a maximum of 21 units for men and 14 units for women on a weekly basis.

The study consisted of over 10,000 adults and children and involved questions around their current drinking habits with 30% of men in the 65-74 age range the most likely to drink over the 21 units per week. The women’s age group with the heaviest drinking showed to be 55-64, with 22% going over the recommended amount.

NatCen Social Researcher, Elizabeth Fuller commented:

"Today’s findings are reassuring – the majority of adults in England drink at levels that are at low risk of alcohol-related harm, and the proportion of men and women engaging in binge drinking has fallen since 2006. However, there is a sizeable minority of adults who habitually drink above the lower risk levels. This is especially the case for middle-aged men and women and adults in higher income households, who are thus putting themselves at risk of a number of alcohol-related health conditions including several cancers, cirrhosis of the liver, high blood pressure and depression."

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