Nearly 3 in 5 American adults believe GM food is unsafe

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3rd February 2015 12:22 - Food

Despite a large proportion of scientists believing that genetically modified (GM) food is perfectly safe, nearly 3 in 5 (57 per cent) of American Nearly 3 in 5 American adults believe GM food is unsafeadults are not confident that GM food is okay to consume, as opposed to the 37 per cent who claimed that they did think that GM food is safe.

Of the respondents, 67 per cent believed that scientists were not fully aware of the impacts that genetically modified food has on one’s health.

A quarter of the 2,002 participants claimed that when they are food shopping, they ‘always’ check labels to make sure their food is not genetically modified. A further 25 per cent claimed that they ‘sometimes’ check the labels, 17 per cent claimed to check ‘not too often’ and 31 per cent ‘never look’.

When the results are examined in terms of gender, it can be found that men are less concerned about eating genetically modified foods. Of the male respondents, 47 per cent claimed that they thought genetically modified foods were safe, whilst just 28 per cent of women felt the same.

When the sample was asked whether they thought that food grown with pesticides were safe to eat, 28 per cent said yes. The findings suggested that those who were educated to a higher standard were more likely to believe that foods grown with pesticides were safe.

Of the male respondents, 38 per cent believed that foods grown with pesticides were safe to eat, whereas just 18 per cent of women agreed.

When asked if they believed that science has had a positive impact food, 62 per cent agreed (down 66 per cent since 2009) and 24 per cent disagreed (up 24 per cent since 2009).

This report supports the findings of an alternative piece of research published by the America Association for the Advancement of Science, which claimed that 88 per cent of 3,478 American scientists believed that GM foods are safe, whilst 11 per cent did not.

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