Price is less important than service, food shoppers reveal in survey

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14th February 2017 11:51 - Food

Price is less important than service, food shoppers reveal in survey: A recent survey has revealed that shoppers in the United Kingdom find excellent customer service to be critically important when choosing which grocery retailer to shop with.Price is less important than service, food shoppers reveal in survey

The Shoppercentric Shopper Stock Take Index discovered that service trumped price with 50 per cent of the respondents choosing customer service as the most important factor, whereas price received 49 per cent of the votes.

The survey was conducted online in December 2016, with a national representative sample of 1,108 adults in the United Kindgom.

In the 2015 Shoppercentric Shopper Stock Take Index, respondents chose price over customer service by 60 per cent to 39 per cent, which bears a significantly larger difference than this year’s 50 per cent and 49 per cent.

The percentage of people who deem good, quality fresh produce as the most important factor in choosing a supermarket to shop with was 54 per cent, up from 53 per cent in the previous survey. This makes it the priority which is the most important for the United Kingdom.

The market research survey also uncovered that there has been a shift away from doing one weekly shop at a large shop, in favour of doing several, smaller ‘top up shops’. The number of people who said that they did all their grocery shopping in one, big main shopping trip was down by five percentage points to 23 per cent, whereas the amount of people who said that they never do one big shop increased by five percentage points to 16 per cent.

The respondents who said that they use convenience stores for part of their shopping in the past month increased from 39 per cent to 47 per cent. On the other hand, the respondents who had used a supermarket fell from 82 per cent to 79 per cent.

The survey findings also revealed some positive news for local specialist shops, with 8 per cent of respondents saying they had visited these, an increase from 6 per cent the year prior.

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