Protein supplement sector experiencing a rise in interest, survey finds

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21st January 2015 12:19 - Food

A recent survey by Canadean has found that approximately half (49 per cent) of consumers in the UK were “very aware” of health benefits associated with consuming protein supplements.Protein supplements sector experiencing a rise interest, survey finds

The findings have highlighted a window of opportunity, to spread protein enriched products into the food and drink sector.

Of the respondents, 8 per cent claimed to be actively consuming protein supplements and 68 per cent wanted to ditch protein supplements, such as shakes, in favour of protein rich food and drinks.

The survey also found that 16 per cent of the respondents were consciously attempting to increase their intake of protein.

Kirsty Nolan, analyst at Canadean said of the findings:

“These results indicate that ingredients and food manufacturers have successfully turned the demand for protein from a short-term fad, into a long-term sustainable trend.”

A separate survey, found that the amount of food containing protein-rich cereals decreased by 7 percentage points, in the eighteen years prior to 2011-2012, whilst fat and oil consumption increased.

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