Quantitative Survey Sees Britons Keen on Ordering Takeaways over Easter

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5th April 2013 17:06 - Food


Despite the home cooking traditions over Easter, a survey has discovered that Sunday night takeaway habits retained their popularity, according to online food delivery company hungryhouse.co.uk which analysed Easter Sunday order rates across its international Delivery Hero network.

The market research examined the ordering levels at over 25,000 restaurants in the UK, Germany, Poland, Finland, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland and Mexico. While takeaway habits remained resilient, there were marked differences however in how different countries celebrate Easter.

In the UK, Sweden and Mexico, Easter Sunday saw people ordering restaurant take-outs as much as on any average Sunday night. Britons were found to be particular keen on this food option, since the study identified that Easter Sunday topped off a record week for hungryhouse.co.uk.

Contrasting this, people in Poland preferred home cooking during Easter – this country saw the biggest drop in take-out orders at 95%. Austria ranked second for ‘fewer orders’ at 40%, followed by Germany with a 35% decrease and Switzerland at 18%. Finland showed a moderate drop in takeaway popularity of 9%.

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