Recent survey highlights Brits’ terrible table manners

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1st July 2016 12:29 - Food

A new study has reported that Brits will shamelessly flaunt their bad manners, with talking with their mouth full and picking their teeth being a couple of examples.Recent survey highlights Brits’ terrible table manners

The findings revealed that over a third of individuals confessed that their other halves brazenly burped at meal times, with 25 per cent also admitting they frequently began conversations with their mouth full.

The survey, carried out by, reported that the results revealed that around 25 per cent of men will chew with their mouth open, much to the dismay of their partners. Numerous women also revealed that their partners regularly picked food out of their teeth accounting for nearly 23 per cent of the figures.

The five second rule is heavily adhered to, especially by women with 56 per cent following it after dropping food on the floor and nearly 11 per cent of people admit that they’ve seen their spouses re-use dirty dishes and utensils to save on washing up.

According to the study people based in London had the worst eating manners with Yorkshire and the North East following swiftly behind. The regions with the best eating habits were shown to be the South West, narrowly beating Wales and the East Midlands.

Thankfully it was also revealed during the survey that when preparing a meal 75 per cent of people in the UK do wash their hands beforehand.

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