Study Finds Britons Aged 18-34 Bucking Poor Economy by Frequently Eating Out

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4th July 2012 16:47 - Food

Market research has discovered that Generation Y, or 18-34 year olds, are snubbing their noses at the current economic downturn by going out to eat and drink 29% more often than last year.

The latest ‘Taste of the Nation’ study by Deloitte and BDRC Continental also shown that the average UK consumer is having food and drink away from home on 19.8 separate occasions per month, equating to a 13% increase on the same time last year.

Generation Y is driving this statistic, with 18-34 year olds now eating out 32 times a month, (up from 25 a year ago). This is twice as often as 35-54 year olds who dine out 16 times a month and more than three times as often as the Baby Boomer generation (55+ years) at 10 times per month.

Corporate Finance Director at Deloitte, Jon Lake, commented: "The going out market remains resilient owing to Generation Y's more carefree lifestyle and a touch of 'austerity fatigue'. They expect to go out even more over the next six months, which demonstrates just how ingrained going out is in their lives. It is a lifestyle, not a luxury and has become embedded in their culture."

He added: “Generation Y also tend to be heavy users of social media and are highly adept at seeking out online offers to fuel their lifestyle. Operators have been very successful in targeting this particular audience and should continue to do so as they are long-term customers."

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