Survey Finds Britons Keen on Sustainable Seafood Labelling

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24th January 2013 16:06 - Food


A recent survey commissioned by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) has found that there is high demand amongst Britons for sustainable seafood.

The study found that nearly two-thirds of the surveyants would like to see sustainable seafood displayed on menus, yet only a small percentage said they had ever found this when dining at restaurants.  

In addition, as many as 63% of those surveyed believe it is important for restaurants to clearly show they have sustainable seafood available, and 53% said they actively want this to be an option for them to order.

It was further discovered that 39% of consumers said they were willing to pay more for a certified, eco-labelled product. The survey results showed that the retail sector is currently dominating sales by 98% when it comes to offering MSC certified seafood.

In the past year alone, UK sales of MSC labelled seafood have almost doubled to just over £228 million, and this rate of increase is expected to continue into 2013. The foodservice industry is lagging behind however, since their UK sales of sustainably certified seafood have only reached £4 million.

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