Survey Finds Home Cooking Is Becoming Increasingly Popular

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19th November 2013 12:56 - Food

New research commissioned by Wren Living has revealed that stretched families are saving money by cooking their own traditional meals and saying no to ready meals and takeaways. The poll of 2,000 Britons discovered that a high proportion (83%) said on the whole they would mostly cook from scratch. The research points to the economic downturn playing a part with many families trying to save money by cooking old-style family meals themselves, with just 4% relying on takeaways and 11% depending on ready-meals.

Results suggest this year’s horse meat scandal has also put people off ready meals with most families now preferring to use fresh ingredients and cooking from scratch with a small minority admitting to mostly eating their meals at restaurants.

The findings also reveal the top meals cooked from scratch by families, bangers and mash top the poll with 77%, followed by Spaghetti Bolognese 76%, omelettes 75%, roast dinners 74%, shepherd’s pie 69%, cake 61%,  soup 60%,  chilli and rice 59%,  chicken curry 58% and hot pot 53%.

Popularity surrounding cake baking is also on the rise with the findings suggesting the success of Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood’s The Great British Bake Off has had a positive effect on this surge of popularity. More than six in ten of the people taking part in the poll claimed they could bake a cake, including over four in ten men. The research follows a study carried out by the Department of Health’s Change4Life campaign earlier this year, in which the campaign discovered just over half of families prepared meals from basic ingredients four times a week or less.  However, these latest findings reveal the popularity of cooking from scratch has risen dramatically since then.

Commenting on the findings, Armando Sanchez, the MD of Wren Living, said:

British families take a lot of stick for relying on ready meals but our findings show that some of the criticism is undeserved… Whether it’s a direct result of the horse meat scandal or because the likes of Jamie Oliver are showing us how easy it is to eat well and cook from scratch, more and more of us are giving it a go.”

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