Survey Finds Many Britons Taking Food Risks Due to Reduced Finances

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11th June 2012 16:26 - Food

New market research by the UK Food Standards Agency has discovered that reduced disposable incomes caused by the weak economy are causing many people to take the risk of food poisoning.

As money becomes tighter, left-over foods are increasingly being sealed in the fridge instead of thrown away, sell-by dates are being ignored and some meats are being tested by smell alone to see whether they are edible.

Of around 2,000 people who were interviewed, as many as 97% believe their shopping bills have risen significantly in the last three years, while more than half are making extensive use of left over foods.

Expert recommendations advise that left over foods should not be kept more than 48 hours in the fridge. The added concern which arises from this trend is that food contaminations such as E.coli and Salmonella do not produce a bad smell when present.

Bob Martin, a food expert at the FSA, commented: “Using leftover food is a good way of making our meals go further. However, unless we’re careful, there’s a chance we can risk food poisoning by not storing or handling them properly. During Food Safety Week we are encouraging people to view their fridge as their friend, and make the most of leftovers while staying safe.”

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