Survey Finds UK Households Damage Budget by Throwing Too Much Food Away

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22nd June 2012 12:01 - Food

According to market research by frozen food retailer Birds Eye on kitchen habits, UK families are generally throwing away £270 a year (£5.20 per week) on discarded food and drink.

While the average household spends £68 a week on food, 91% of homes with children admit to throwing some of that in the bin. Meanwhile, 40% of the respondents polled admitted they felt guilty for wasting food.

The survey of 2,116 adults also demonstrated that Britons massively underestimate the amount of food they get rid of each week.

The most commonly wasted food group was found to be vegetables, followed by bread and fruit. The main reasons given for wasting food was buying too much (37%), "Buy One Get One Free" and similar offers driven by competing supermarkets (22%) and lack of meal planning prior to shopping (one in three).

These study results come as a new report titled "Waste not, want not" is today launched in parliament by the Fabian Society, which looks at consumer attitudes to food waste. It states that in order to address the problem of food waste, "it is essential we find fresh ways of communicating about it" and that "while individuals observe wasteful behaviour in others, they rarely reflect on their own lifestyles as contributing to the problem".

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