Survey Reveals Young Professionals in Britain Mostly Eat Quick Fix Meals

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5th March 2013 16:00 - Food

A survey by Harbour Salmon Co. Infusions has shown that the UK’s young professionals have become The Pot Noodle Generation, with the average respondent cooking a proper meal only once a week.

Hectic lifestyles and heavy work schedules are the main reasons given for the fact that young workers survive mostly on quick fix meals.

Two thirds of those polled admitted that by the time they get home from work (the average was never before 7pm), they are so exhausted that they simply can't find the energy to do anything more than switch on the microwave or oven.

One in four surveyants often eat a bowl of cereal for their evening meal because they can't be bothered to cook anything else, and at least one meal a week will be eaten on the bus, train or in a fast food restaurant on the way home from work. In addition, six in ten young professionals also claim it costs too much to cook from scratch every night.

The most popular quick fix meals eaten by young professionals are rated as pizza in first place, followed by a jacket potato, stir fry, pasta & pesto, soup, beans on toast, scrambled eggs, an omelette, a bowl of cereal and stuffed pasta.

After the Top 10, the favourite food choices are cheese on toast in 11th place, sausage & chips, instant noodles, toasties, pie & chips and burger & chips.

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