Survey Reveals Brits Bin Over 500 Pounds Worth of Supermarket Shopping Per Year

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1st November 2013 17:31 - Food

According to a study commissioned by Samsung, almost half of shoppers in the country do not fully understand how “best before” dates work and four fifths (82%) of people don’t know how to use their fridge compartments properly, meaning more food goes bad quickly.

Findings also suggest that nearly half of the country regularly throws away packets of food which are never opened. As well as being uneconomic food buyers, Brits were also found to be wasteful in the kitchen. The study revealed that around almost half (46%) of those who cook a home meal will throw food away because they’ve prepared too much.

The vast majority of respondents admitted that they don’t use fridge compartments for any kind of coherent storage system and only a fifth (18%) of those polled have a strict system of storing food in the fridge-freezer.

The survey also drilled down into the UK’s most wasteful regions, providing averages based on estimates from the householder – the top five consist of:

·         West Midlands            £731.64

·         London                       £659.36

·         North East                  £632.84

·         East Midlands             £617.24

·         South West                £539.24

Ted Labuza, a Professor of Food Science and Engineering at the University of Minnesota, said:

“If the food looks or smells bad, certainly throw it away, but just because it reaches a certain date on the package is not a guarantee that the food is unsafe.”

While, Lana Sanleandro, Head of Marketing for Samsung Home Appliances, said:

"'s... something that everyone can do something about, whether that be through better management of the weekly shop, more preparation when making meals and simply by learning about the best conditions to store different sorts of foods."

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