Survey Reveals Rise in Restaurant Voucher Popularity

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30th April 2012 17:01 - Food

Market research exploring UK voucher use in restaurants and pubs by Peach Factory has found that more than two in five consumers out of the 2,000 polled now rate vouchers very or extremely important when deciding where to eat out.

Young people were revealed as being most hooked on restaurant discounts with more than 55% of 25 to 34 year-olds give vouchers high importance. This compares with just 26% of those aged 65 or over.

Vouchers are also rated very or extremely important amongst Londoners at 51%, with Scotland ranking lowest by region at 33%. Gender-wise, women use restaurant vouchers most at 46%, contrasting with 38% of men.

In total, the 42% of consumers who place high importance on restaurant vouchers equates to some 15 million adults who eat out regularly in the UK. A die-hard 6% of this population are voucher addicts who use them every time they dine out.

Voucher Codes, Discount Vouchers and GroupOn were found to be the most popular websites for vouchers at present.

Peach Factory Chief Executive Peter Martin commented: "Voucher culture is ingrained and it is not just about finding savings. Hunting down the best deal is a way of life for many. The people using them are not hard-up pensioners but more likely tech-savvy, educated under-35s."

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