Survey Shows Fewer People are Baking at Home in Britain

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2nd September 2014 10:36 - Food

Research published last month has shown that the number of British adults who bake at home has dropped from 2013’s level (85%) in 2014 (77%).

In 2013, four fifths (80%) of Brits said they baked from scratch, however, in 2014’s edition of the survey, this figure dropped by 7% (73%). The number of people who baked partly from scratch also slumped from around 3 in 4 (72%) in 2013, to just over two thirds (67%) in 2014.

As a result, retail value sales of baking mixes are forecast to drop to an estimated £52 million in 2014 - £7 million less than 2012’s sum (£59 million).

Furthermore, more than one third (35%) of the study’s respondents who said they had baked at home in the past year said they limit how often they bake due to health reasons. Around three in 10 (31%) said they often look for healthy alternatives to make their recipes more nutritious.

For those who baked partly from scratch, one quarter (25%) said they opted for products low in sugar or sugar-free, and 24% said they searched for low in fat or fat-free items.

Women (33%) were found to be slightly more likely to bake from scratch at least once a week than men (26%), however, men (24%) were marginally more likely to bake partly from scratch at least once a week than women (20%).

Parents with children under-16, 25-34-year-olds and large households of five or more people were most likely to bake at least once a week - emphasising the family appeal of baking.

Just under two thirds (65%) of 65+ year olds said they had baked totally from scratch in the last year, with around three quarters (73%) of this age category agreeing that it is important for young people to learn how to bake.

Standard cakes, such as Victoria Sponge, proved the most popular choice of cake with 65% of the survey’s respondents having baked one from scratch in the past 12 months. Small cakes (57%), such as cupcakes, and batters (55%), such as pancakes, proved popular options too.

Finally, the research discovered that most bakers who bake from scratch reside in the South West and Wales (76%).

The research in this insight was conducted by Mintel.

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