Survey Shows Half of Women Turn into Food Bores When Dieting

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21st July 2014 13:36 - Food

A recent study, commissioned by The Simply Great Drinks Company, has discovered that one in two women turn into ‘food bores’ when dieting.

More than half of the 2,000 women surveyed admitted to droning on about calories, sugar content and health risks of food when watching what they eat, with almost two fifths (38%) conceding they preach to their friends about the consequences and benefits of certain foods and drinks.

Furthermore, one in four confessed they have made their friends feel guilty about their diet after going on about the implications of certain foods,  with just under three in 10 (27%) pestering their peers to join them on their diet.

As a result, over one third (35%) of the survey’s respondents said they avoid certain friends who are on a diet because they know they will be made to feel guilty for what they eat, and almost half (45%) said they don’t eat certain foods in front of dieting friends in fear of the remarks they will make.

Just over two fifths (41%) stated comments from dieting friends had resulted in them cutting out the food or drink in question.

Elsewhere, eight in 10 women said they spend more time than usual talking about food when on a diet, with over half (56%) admitting to becoming complete ‘food bores’.

Six in 10 said committing to a diet totally takes over their life, and almost three quarters said they have to focus all their thoughts and efforts towards a diet to successfully stick to it. More than one in five said their friends have called them ‘obsessed’ with food when they are watching what they eat.

According to the survey’s findings, the top topics of conversation for women on a diet are: what they’ve cooked recently; what they’ve had to eat or drink that day; calories; the right or wrong foods or drinks to consume; the amount of alcohol you consume; fat content; sugar content; health risks associated with different foods and drinks; how others should be following a similar diet and e-numbers.

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