Survey finds Brits drink the most alcohol

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28th October 2015 16:09 - Food

According to the findings from a recent survey, people from Britain are the heaviest drinkers and are more likely to binge drink, visit the pub or Survey finds Brits drink the most alcoholdrink in their home.

The researchers – who interviewed 6,500 people within the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, America and China – also discovered that British people have the most liberal outlook towards consuming alcohol.

Of the British people in the survey, 66 per cent said that they consume alcohol at least two times a week, closely followed by China and Australia, where 63 per cent and 62 per cent of people drink alcohol twice a week, respectively.

On the other end of the scale, Americans ranked at the bottom of the list, with just 55 per cent saying they drink alcohol twice a week. As well as this, 57 per cent of Germans also admitted to consuming alcohol twice a week.

The research also found that British people were more likely to binge drink, with 15 per cent saying that they drink to excess at least once a week.

According to Alcohol Concern, alcohol abuse in England costs the NHS approximately £21bn per year in healthcare, lost productivity and crime.

During 2012, there were 6,490 deaths related to alcohol in England, an increase of 19 per cent on 2001.

The author of the report, Nick Vale, said of the findings:

“From the malmsey wine of the 14th century to the craft gin producers of today, we Brits have a long and distinguished heritage of creating, sourcing and enjoying the best drink in the world. 

“Why? Because we British are a hugely sociable nation, we love to chat, and booze facilitates that. The pub gives us somewhere to meet and alcohol helps lubricate our conversation.”

However, as the research only surveyed respondents from a handful of countries, it is important to note that other countries may top Britain as the country with the heaviest drinkers.

According to The Times, 25 per cent of men in Russia die before they reach 55 years of age, mostly as a result of alcohol, whereas the figure for premature male death in the United Kingdom is just 7 per cent.

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