Survey finds few adults are embarrassed of their food waste

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6th September 2016 11:00 - Food

Survey finds few adults are embarrassed of their food waste: A recent report has revealed that just 3 per cent of households in the United Kingdom believe that there is a negative connotation attached to wasting food. As well as this, it uncovered that many UK adults try to save money by turning off lights or having the heating on a lower setting, instead of cutting back on the food they waste.Survey finds few adults are embarrassed of their food waste

According to a survey by Sainsbury’s, which explored waste habits, the majority of individuals do not see the worth in monitoring their food waste, in comparison with other cost saving initiatives which have been instilled in their lifestyles.

The survey gathered the opinions of more than 5,000 adults in the United Kingdom, of which 74 per cent make sure they switch lights off when they’re not in the room and 55 per cent lower the heating. Further to this, 32 per cent have switched energy providers to keep their household bills down and have saved an average of £200 per year.

If a household was to adopt all these changes, they would save approximately £305 per year, which is less than half of the £700 the average family wastes on food that they do not eat or they simply throw away.

According to Richard Swannell, the Director of Sustainable Food Systems at Wrap (an organisation which works alongside governments, businesses and communities to deliver solutions to improve resource efficiency) claimed that wasting food costs the average family £700 every year – money which could be spent on household essentials.

He also added that alongside Sainsbury’s, Wrap want to assist people realise the positives of making the most of their food.

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